General Secretary

"The reports indicate places where the office bearers are fulfilling their duties"

(Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad(may Allah be his Helper!) Al-Fal Int'l, Jan 25-31, pg 7)

Lajna Constitution - English

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Nizam-e Jama'at

Nizām-e-Jamā`at is a blessing and important for the social and religious progress of Ahmadī Muslims. In a world where religion has gradually taken a backseat to worldly matters, Ahmadī Muslims need to remain connected with Nizām-e-Jamā`at so that they can navigate their progress in a manner which is most pleasing to Allah, the Almighty. This need is greater than ever today, because Nizām-e-Jamā`at operates directly under the blessed institution of Khilāfat and keeps all of its members connected to the Khalīfah and each another.

It is essential for every member of the community, young and old alike to be aware of their true identity and values. This is only possible if a Nizām or “system” is established that monitors the spiritual and social needs of Ahmadī Muslims.Through Nizām-e-Jamā`at, Ahmadī Muslims are shielded against harmful social influences. Furthermore, they are enabled to organize themselves in a manner which allows them to work in unified and productive manner for the service of Islam.
As time goes by it is becoming more and more important to know what the true Islam is. Thus, to ensure that the true teachings of Islam reach all the members of the community, a “System” or “Nizām” has been established by Allah the Almighty at the hands of the Promised Messiah(as), who came for the revival of the true Islam, the Islam of the Seal of the Prophets, Hazrat Muhammad(sa).